Helping you to return your property and life to normal after a fire

Fire Damage

Recovering from a fire can be both physically and mentally draining. When fire strikes, lives are changed and knowing who to contact and when can often be the most confusing and stressful part of the process. Here are some steps to take during those first 24 hours after a fire:

      • Make sure you called 911 to report your fire (even if the fire is out).
      • If you lack insurance, consider assistance from the Red Cross who will assist with temporary housing, food voucher, medication voucher, clothing voucher, and personal items.
      • Do not re-enter the fire damage property unless the fire department has declared it safe to do so.
      • The fire department will have utilities disconnected such as water, power, and gas to prevent further damage. You will need to halt garbage service, cable tv, satellite tv, telephone, internet, or other private utility providers.
      • Remove your most valuable personal property (jewelry, money, pictures, electronics, etc.) once the fire department allows you access to the building.
      • Remove items from your refrigerator or freezer as soon as possible. Foods will spoil and cause a bad, rotten odor that may be difficult to remove.
      • Collect your most important documents and papers (insurance, family info, banking, credit, other) and remove them.
      • Inventory all your personal items that have been damaged or destroyed for insurance purposes.
      • Make an inventory of all prescription medications and go to your pharmacy as soon as able and have your medications replaced. You should not take any medication that has been exposed to the fire or smoke.

Once things have calmed down and you are safe, contact professionals like the team at Jenkins Restorations to assist you in the recovery efforts. We provide expert level Fire Restoration & Repair all over the country. We will immediately coordinate with the officials at the local Fire Department in order to start the work once the fire has been extinguished. If not already done, we will secure the building, board-up the walls and seal the roof, and our TOP priority will be to secure your belongings. After that we will remove the mess and carry out the complete removal of the debris.

Fire incidents are always traumatic, but Jenkins Restorations professionals are ready to respond to any fire emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Let Jenkins Restorations help you get your property…and life, back to normal after fire damage.