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How to Stop Your Overflowing Sink, Tub, and Toilet

There’s no doubt that when you discover an overflowing sink, tub or toilet in your home, there’s an overwhelming sense of frustration and worry:  How did this happen?  What do I do now?  What will this cost me?  Luckily, you can rest easy knowing how to calmly and carefully solve these problems.  

Prevent Dishwasher Water Damage and Other Leaking Appliances

When it comes to your common household appliances and fixtures, it seems almost inevitable that there may come a time when a leak will occur.  While that is a possibility, it’s important to take precautions to fix the current problem and stop future water damage from happening.  When small issues are ignored, there can be a domino effect of other issues looming that can affect you and your home. 
he Basics and the Benefits of a Sump Pump

The Basics and the Benefits of a Sump Pump

Sump Pumps are an important safety measure to prevent flooding in your home and basement. Here's a bit more about how they work and how they can help!
Kerosene heater

Preventing Space Heater Fires

Space heaters are a serious potential fire risk. But if you are careful with them, they can help you keep warm in the worst of winter!
Prevent house fires

Fire Damage Prevention: 6 Tips To Prevent House Fires

House fires are one of the most dangerous types of incidents that can happen in your home or business. Luckily, many accidents can be averted through following basic home and workplace safety tips.
Car runs into house

Here is What You Do if a Car Crashes into Your House

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a car ran into your house and what to do next before Jenkins Restorations can come to restore your home?

What Category of Water Damage Are You Experiencing?

There is much to consider when dealing with commercial water damage, including the severity and category of water damage that you have.
a wall thermostat

What’s That Burning Smell When You Turn On The Heater?

When the heater is turned on for the first time in months, it is quite common to smell musty, dusty, or burning odors. While these burning odors are not necessarily a fire hazard, they are unpleasant and can be irritating to people with asthma or allergies.
Preventing Mold Growth

How to Prevent Mold after Water Damage

If you’ve had any water damage to your home after a storm or flooding, you have roughly a 48-hour window to prevent the growth of mold. It’s important to drying out your water damaged home or you could be left with repairs to your home that are even more time consuming then they already will be.