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General Contractors and Their Legal Safety Liability of Subcontractors

Our very own Steven Lowry from the Sterling branch wrote this…

Flood Safety Tips

June brings with it hurricane season, and even if you don't get hit directly, the heavy rain - and flooding - can still have a major impact. Here are some safety tips to help you prepare for some of Earth's most common natural hazards.
Reets Water Remediation Training

Water Mitigation and Remediation Training

Jenkins Management attended Water Mitigation and Remediation Training by Reets Drying Academy in Georgia to stay current in Water Restoration techniques.
The 2018 Servant's Heart Award

Employee Recognition at Its Finest

Join us in recognizing these deserving recipients of our highest honor here at Jenkins Restorations, our 2018 Servant’s Heart Award Winners!
chris rhoads

Fire damage restoration – Do’s and Don’ts

House fires are both devastating and frightening. Acting quickly and correctly can help you avoid your losses, or at least minimize them.
chris karidis

Creating Lists of Your Belongings Before Emergencies

An up-to-date personal belongings inventory list is an extremely…
Checklist before vacation

Going on Vacation? Put Your Home in Away Mode

For obvious reasons, you won’t want everyone to know you’re not home. Learn how to minimize the risks of a break-in in your home when you’re on vacation.
Houston Home Resold
restoration after shot