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Fire Damage Repair and Restoration in Ft. Worth, TX

We Offer Fast, Affordable 24/7 Emergency Services

Whether from a small kitchen fire or whole house fire, the resulting property damage—and emotional distress—can be overwhelming. Our fire restoration teams are ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We work closely with your insurance carrier to help coordinate your claim and help you get your property and life back together.

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Fire Cleanup & Repair

The fire damage restoration experts at Jenkins Restorations will walk alongside your family or business toward recovery. Our Ft. Worth team responds immediately, 24/7, to any fire emergency, helps you navigate each step of the process, and repairs your property (often better than it was before).

The caring professionals at Jenkins Restorations Ft. Worth minimize fire damage and expedite repair, while providing maximum support as you reclaim normalcy. Regardless of fire size or the degree of damage, our professional staff will be there to mitigate the destruction, assist with cleanup and work toward full restoration. We coordinate directly with local fire officials, so we can begin work as soon as the fire has been extinguished.

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The Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Process:

The Jenkins Restorations team of fire damage experts will:

  • Secure your property and belongings with roof wrap and wall board-up.
  • Professionally clean all possessions—clothes, carpets, furniture and electronics.
  • Work to dry documents and restore photos.
  • Remove all debris.
  • Eliminate smoke and soot odor.
  • Coordinate insurance claims, working directly with your carrier.
  • Repair your property—and restore your life.
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Fire & Smoke Restoration & Cleanup Services

A closer look at our fire damage restoration services

Emergency roof wrap-up/board-up
Fire spreads fast. And in a few minutes it can go from a little flame to engulfing the entire house or building. Even a small fire originating from a single office is capable of burning down an entire building. During such situations, receiving effective emergency services is the top priority. If there are any delays, the fire damage can completely ruin the building.

The Jenkins Restorations team is always ready to respond within one hour. Once onsite, we’ll board up the windows, doors, walls and all other surfaces to prevent the house or commercial building from getting completely ruined. It’s very important that organized, trained and professional technicians are able to quickly reach your location in order to roof wrap or board up your house. By taking the measures necessary to safeguard your house or commercial property, you can save more structural elements and possessions.

Smoke Damage Cleanup
Our fast, diligent action and cutting-edge technical procedures elevate our services above the competition. The chemicals that cause odor must be completely removed to eliminate permanent odor and ongoing damage. The pollutants hide in the crevices of walls and other surfaces, making specialized removal imperative. We always follow protocols when handling emergencies.

Odor Removal
Once the fire is extinguished, your property might smell like ashes for days or even weeks, so odor removal is a vital aspect of our services. We eliminate odors at their source. Often, soot odor indicates that a building still has contaminants from the fire damage. By properly eliminating all odors, the Jenkins Restorations team will ensure the building is completely safe.

Securing your property from vandalism after a fire
Sadly, vandalism is on the rise among properties damaged by fire. It’s vital to immediately contact the police to report a vandalism incident. They will help gather evidence and find the vandal. Additionally, get in touch with your insurance company as soon as possible. The Jenkins Restorations team will be there for you, helping you document your insurance claim to receive reasonable settlement for all your theft and fire losses.

When your business or home needs professional fire or smoke damage restoration services, call Jenkins Restorations of Ft. Worth.

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