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Water Mitigation is the process of preventing or reducing the amount of water damage that happens after a permeating leak or a flood. Water mitigation prevents any additional damage with fast and appropriate actions once we have completed your water damage restoration.

Water mitigation is often required after plumbing failures, floods, or when the water rushes into homes after a storm. Soaked rugs, ruined furniture, damaged walls, and warped flooring begin to occur if mitigation isn’t engaged quickly.

We take specific steps to reduce the property destruction, to prevent any further damage, and to restore the property back to its original value.

Water Damage: When to Call For Water Mitigation

Damage resulting from seeping water is progressive, pervasive and it can cause permanent damage to your valuable items. This is especially a possibility if the emergency response does not arrive within first 48 hours.

When moisture seeps in to anything that is of value there are some steps that must immediately be taken to reduce long term damage.  There are many potential causes of water damage to your home or business and the team at Jenkins Restorations is here 24/7 to provide immediate water damage restoration and water mitigation services to prevent more damage and restore your property better than ever!

Three Steps To Restoration

We Give You A No Obligation Quote

One of our compassionate staff members will come to where the damage is and give you a quote and time estimate to getting your damaged restored without any obligation whatsoever.

We Repair The Damage To Better Than New

If you’re gracious enough to allow us the opportunity to help get your home or business back on track, we’ll make sure we do it quickly, efficiently and with the same care and attention to detail we would with our own homes and businesses.

Things to do when you detect water damage:

    • The first thing is to stay calm so that you can think clearly.
    • Close down water main. Shut of all the sources of water so that the flooding stops.
    • After that, shut down electrical breaker in the damaged areas before removing or unplugging any of the electrical equipment from the submerged areas or the wet carpet.
    • Call us for water mitigation.
    • Put the aluminum foil under legs or feet of the furniture that’s in contact with wet carpet or water. This will prevent the furniture from staining permanently.
    • Lift and put the curtains away from water or wet carpet.
    • Lift the upholstered furniture skirts.
    • Remove fabrics, papers, books, potted plants, shoes and other items capable of staining the wet carpet.

Things to avoid when you detect water damage:

    • Avoid using the home vacuum. There is a risk of electrical shock and there can be damage to the equipment as well.
    • Avoid placing newspapers in the areas where you or other people will walk. The newspaper ink can easily transfer to the wet fibers of carpet and this can result in permanent staining.
    • Don’t walk on the carpet. Only walk when necessary. This will keep the damage from spreading to the unaffected areas.

Do Not Delay the Water Mitigation Services:

Shop vacuums or the companies that only have carpet drying equipment can’t prevent the water from damaging the walls, under molding or baseboards. The water penetrates through the floor coverings in to the subfloors, and it eventually causes the damage to the rooms located below.

If the internal humidity of the building isn’t controlled, the undamaged objects that are safe from original flood damage can get ruined because it is absorbing moisture from the air. The structures that are not dried properly or fast enough will serve as food sources for mold. This will later lead to a more expensive mold removal services.

Jenkins Restorations Premium Water Damage Restoration Services

Because we realize that it is very important to act quickly in response to emergencies like flooding from plumbing failures, or water backups because of storms, you can rely on us to provide the most efficient professional services that you can get 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

If you have any questions regarding our water damage restoration services, don’t be hesitant and call us now. Call us now or schedule an appointment. Get started

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