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At Jenkins Restorations in Newark, DE, we rebuild your property, renew your confidence, and restore your life. Whether it is water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, or repairing damage from storm and weather, our team of professionals are available 24/7. Call us at 443-757-5700 or fill out the form below for immediate assistance.






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Jenkins Restorations – Newark, Delaware

“It was a true pleasure doing business with Jenkins Restorations….the sub contractors were professional, on time and clean up the area when finished….will absolutely recommend them to friends and neighbors…”

Diane M.
Dover, DE

“The young men that came out to remove my kitchen ceiling were great.”

Joan S.
West Grove, PA

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What Do I Do After a Major House Flood?

Flood damage can grow exponentially worse if left untreated. Ensure that everything is cleaned up as quickly as possible with these tips!

Fireplace Safety: Heat Your Home Safely

It's estimated that 31% of house fires are directly caused by fireplaces, chimneys, or other poorly maintained flame fixtures. Stay safe this season!

Preventing Mold Growth after Water Damage and Flooding

It is almost inevitable to have mold issues after a flood because…

Preventing Electrical Fires in Your Home

Electrical fires are unfortunately common in American homes.…
Hurricanes are catastrophic, causing severe damage to homes and businesses. Relief efforts often cease long before an area has recovered and people are left with only local resources to recover.

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Major storms continue to cause major damage and it's worth knowing how you can be prepared to protect your home and family!
Flood Damaged Home

Steps to Take after Water Damage

Here are a few steps to take immediately after flooding causes water damage in your home.

Creating Lists of Your Belongings before emergencies

The ultimate disaster survival preparedness kit for your home Disasters…

Preventing Water Buildup in Air Ducts

Keeping your air ducts clean can provide you with cleaner air…

Sump Pumps: Waterproof Your Basement

Water damage in your basement can be very costly to remove. Sump Pumps can help you prevent water damage in your basement altogether, while also helping to prevent mold.