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How to prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting

Making sure your pipes never burst again, expanding pipes and other tips

A burst pipe is one of the most common issues people face at home. While there can be a number of reasons why pipe burst, harsh climate conditions such as extremely cold temperatures can freeze the pipes, causing them to burst. Regardless of the type of pipes – whether metal or plastic, they can still expand or burst and cause water damage to your home.A burst pipe also requires a significant amount of costs in repairs. This is why it’s important to take all the safety measures to prevent pipes from bursting.

Here are a few things that can be done in order to avoid that.

Naturally, pipes that are constantly exposed to extreme weather conditions are more likely to freeze and burst. Keep this in mind and remember to always disconnect your shut off valves and turn them off before dropping temperature can take a toll on them. To minimize the risk, you should know where the shut off valve for your water is and how you can operate it. It won’t only save you huge costs in repair but also prevent water damage.

Another thing you can do to make sure your pipes don’t burst is to keep them well insulated. Make sure you insulate your indoor pipes residing in cold areas – like garages, attics, or basements, with a heated reflector light or expanding foam. Proper insulation is important to keep pipes warm from the inside so they don’t freeze. To further avoid pipes from freezing, you can also install a circulating pump that keeps the water temperature moderate and warn.

You should ensure that there is no water lying in the pipes as still water can freeze and impair the quality of the pipes. Fir this, you’d need to maintain a steady flow of water in your water taps. Try to turn the tap on from time to time in order to avoid water build up in the pipes. Similarly, keep the water well insulated every time of the day to regulate the temperature in pipes even when it’s not in use.

It’s very apparent that freezing conditions are one of the most common reasons for burst pipes. Following the above-mentioned measures is a good way to ensure that your pipes don’t burst. Still, you should regularly check your pipes and the entire water lines of your home to ensure that your home plumbing system works well.

Everything being said, if you’re not familiar with some plumbing work, it’s better to call a professional. Burst pipes have to be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid further problems. So, call an expert and get your problems fixed right away.

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