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Water Damage Restoration in Orlando, FL

Since 1975, Jenkins Restorations has been Orlando’s top choice for emergency services and disaster recovery to help with your residential restoration or commercial restoration needs. Specializing in water damage restoration, our expertise covers handling emergencies like home water leaks, flood damage cleanup, and fire damage repair. Our commitment lies in restoring your Orlando property and life to their pre-loss conditions.

Water Damage in Orlando Florida

During emergency situations, the importance of a responsive and reliable water damage restoration service cannot be overstated. Rapid response is critical for addressing issues such as flooding, water damage from heavy rainfall, leakages, or sewage backflow. It’s especially crucial to act within the first 48 hours to mitigate the impact of these emergencies. Jenkins Restoration Services stands ready around the clock, with a team of certified professionals committed to providing timely and efficient service.

Tips to Prevent Water Damage

  • Regular Gutter Cleaning: Keep roof gutters clean to prevent blockages. This ensures water flows away from the building, reducing the risk of foundation damage and potential basement flooding.
  • Effective Drainage Maintenance: Properly maintain the drainage system around your property to direct water away and safeguard the foundation.
  • Leak Inspections: Consistently check for water leaks. Addressing even minor leaks promptly can prevent more significant problems later.
  • Safe Unclogging Practices: Opt for a drain snake over harsh chemicals for unclogging. Chemicals can corrode pipes over time, whereas a drain snake is a more gentle and effective method.
  • Careful Plant Placement: When planting, be mindful of the location to avoid disrupting underground water lines with invasive roots. Ensure that the planting area is clear of any pipes or water lines.
  • Winter Precautions: Allow faucets to drip slightly during cold months to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting.

By following these tips, you can significantly lower the risk of water damage to your property.

Water Damage Mitigation

Prompt and effective action is crucial once water damage occurs, to prevent escalating repair expenses. To help mitigate further damage, we implement a variety of strategies, including the installation of a sump pump. Water mitigation is especially vital in the aftermath of flooding which can be common in Orlando, or when properties are overwhelmed following storms. Adopting this proactive stance is crucial for reducing the severity of water damage and safeguarding your property

Water Damage Restoration


Our three easy steps get you started on the path to getting your life back.

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2) Project Consultation

We offer on-site consultations to discuss your project in detail.

3) Repairs are Made

Our property restoration teams will work quickly, efficiently and carefully to restore your home or business.

Fire Damage Restoration Orlando

In Orlando, common sources of fires electrical malfunctions, candle accidents, overheating appliances, and kitchen incidents. Ignoring potential fire hazards can lead to severe and rapid damage in both residential and commercial settings. To mitigate fire risks, it’s essential to maintain a clean environment, promptly clean up spills, store flammable materials safely away from heat sources, and ensure your property is equipped with operational smoke detectors. Additionally, having a well-known and understood safety plan among all residents or employees is crucial.

Should your Orlando property suffer fire damage, the experienced team of certified fire damage specialists at Jenkins Restoration is ready to assist. Our professionals are adept at handling fires of varying magnitudes, from small domestic incidents to extensive commercial fires. We are committed to restoring your property swiftly and effectively, adhering to the highest standards of workmanship. Our comprehensive fire remediation services include repairs for smoke damage, soot removal, and emergency board-up and securing services.

Dedicated to serving the entire Orlando area, Jenkins Restoration is your trusted partner in fire damage restoration and recovery.

Storm Damage Restoration

As a homeowner, the threat of damage to your home from strong storm winds is a well-known concern. For business owners and facility managers, the impact of severe storms extends beyond physical damage, often disrupting business operations and impacting revenue. In some cases, these storms may require specialized services like hail damage restoration or wind damage repairs. If your residential or commercial property in Orlando has been affected by storm damage, quick action is essential. Reach out to our Orlando-based storm damage repair services for prompt and effective assistance.

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