Customer Testimonials

The insurance company recommended me to Jenkins Restorations, and what they did with the house was nothing short of a miracle. Jenkins had to run dehumidifiers first, and then basically gut the house to rebuild it from the inside out. To see the place months later when the repairs were finished, you’d never know anything had ever gone wrong with the place.  It was really just incredible!

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We must admit to hearing nightmares from others who had hired contractors in the aftermath of some disaster in their home-contractors who made only comeo appearances ever few days–resulting in jobs that dragged out for months.  Not so with Jenkins Restorations.  Randy was always available…and his team was here promptly every morning performing their jobs with precision and in a timely manner.

Carl and Nancy Olexa

Within hours of the fire we met Pip who stayed late into the night to get the house sealed with tarps and the water turned off.  In the following days, Jeremy worked with the insurance agent to determine the extent of repairs required, prepared an estimate and presented it to the insurance company.  In all cases it was clear that he was working in the best interest of the homeowner.  We chose to make some improvements to the house which led to the introduction of Architect Gordon Mackay.  Gordon was very accommodating and patient with us in exploring various options versus costs and ultimately designed an attractive addition that we are already enjoying.  Additionally, the addition significantly increased the value of our home.

The Comes

I want to thank your team for re-building the apartments at our community.  From start to finish, they offered a lot of expertise on how to handle a fire Building.

Brian Catts managed the re-building of the apartments.  He continually kept me posted with the process, and provided reasonable and responsive solutions.  This was crucial in resolving any small issues, and I appreciated it very much.  Victor Mendez and the rest of Brian’s staff always displayed a great attitude.