Overflowing water

How to Stop Your Overflowing Sink, Tub, and Toilet

There’s no doubt that when you discover an overflowing sink, tub or toilet in your home, there’s an overwhelming sense of frustration and worry:  How did this happen?  What do I do now?  What will this cost me?  Luckily, you can rest easy knowing how to calmly and carefully solve these problems.  
Dishwasher leaking

Prevent Dishwasher Water Damage and Other Leaking Appliances

When it comes to your common household appliances and fixtures, it seems almost inevitable that there may come a time when a leak will occur.  While that is a possibility, it’s important to take precautions to fix the current problem and stop future water damage from happening.  When small issues are ignored, there can be a domino effect of other issues looming that can affect you and your home.