Contents Restoration & Structural Cleaning

You have just experienced a major disaster. What can you do to save all your personal property? Don’t fear…Jenkins content restoration team is here to help you restore your property…and your life.

If your property suffers damages from a disaster like flooding and water damage, fire and smoke damage, or damage from a storm, saving your personal belongings  with contents restoration can be one of the most important things that you do for your state of mind and to get you back on the road of recovery, both emotionally and financially.

Contents restoration of a picture on a wall

Contents Restoration Services

Contents restoration can be applied to a wide variety of different items that may get damaged after a disaster such as storm, flood, or fire. During the rebuilding stage, contents restoration services are just as critical as reconstruction, because they include everything inside the walls of a building.

Jenkins understands how important saving your valuables and prized possessions can be. Our specially trained team of contents restoration specialists will treat your damaged items with the same care and respect that we expect you would.

Our content restoration services follow strict procedures that ensure our processes and personnel work above and beyond the standard of care in the industry. From evaluating your personal property on site for the best chance at restoring them to a pre-loss condition, to inventory controls, transportation, state of the art cleaning processes, climate controlled storage, to returning your items in a safe and professional manner.

Restoring property and lives… that’s what Jenkins is all about.

5 Steps to Contents Cleaning Restoration

Contents damage restoration services can be just as important as any type of restoration service, particularly when it comes time to inventory and salvage sentimental belongings The Jenkins content restoration team presents you and your insurance representative as many cost-effective solutions as possible. Below is our 5 step content cleaning restoration process.

Step 1 – Evaluation – Recovering what can be saved

Each loss site is visited by one of our trained and certified content restoration specialist who evaluates whether contents can be managed on site in less severe situations, or removed from the site and brought to one of our state of the art facilities for more involved cleaning. Our staff make determinations on whether or not items can be restored, perform a detailed inventory that includes digitally capturing the items via photographs, notations, and numeric or bar coding to track your items the entire way through the process.

Step 2 – Inventory and Packout

After all the items have been evaluated they are then professionally packed or wrapped in order to load onto our moving vans for secure and efficient transport. Packing may require some items to be pre-treated or fast-track identified since certain conditions may exist that will cause irreparable damage if not handled immediately.

Step 3 – Sorting and Cleaning

Since items vary so greatly in materials and design, a variety of cleaning methods may be utilized to return your property to a pre-loss condition. Specialty items or high value items may require specialized handling. These specialized cleaning methods include:

  • High pressure Air-washing
  • Down-draft bulk soil removal
  • HEPA vacuuming
  • Specialized cleaning chemicals
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Ozone/deodorization treatments
  • Specialized decontamination chamber

Step 4 – Re-inventory and Storage

Many times, the building repair will take several weeks to several months to complete. Jenkins will temporarily store your recovered items in our secure and conditioned warehouse utilizing specialty storage vaults and pallets until you are ready for re-delivery.

Step 5 – Re-delivery

Once building repairs are completed we will return your items to you. Our contents restoration services will transport Items, and place in the rooms they were taken from. Furnishings will be reset in their original location. In many cases, insurance will allow for unboxing and we can provide this service as well if requested.

Please allow us up to 2 weeks’ notice to schedule your re-delivery.

In Need of Structural Cleaning or Contents Restoration?

If your property has experienced a loss due to fire, flood, animal activity, etc.; there is likely a need for specialized cleaning and deodorization. Many times a restorative cleaning is all that may be needed. However, restorative cleaning is an important step even in the reconstruction process to ensure that continuing damage due to acidic smoke or chemical residue is halted and odor is controlled so as not to further impact the property. Our highly specialized and trained staff can handle these needs professionally and efficiently.

Three Steps To Restoration

We Give You A No Obligation Quote

One of our compassionate staff members will come to where the job is and give you a quote and time estimate to getting your property restored without any obligation whatsoever.

We Restore The Property To Better Than New

If you’re gracious enough to allow use the opportunity to help get your home or business back on track, we’ll make sure we do it quickly, efficiently and with the same care and attention to detail we would with our own homes and businesses.