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At Jenkins Restorations in Oklahoma City, OK, we rebuild your property, renew your confidence, and restore your life. Whether it is water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, or repairing damage from storm and weather, our team of professionals are available 24/7. Call us at 405-996-2615 or fill out the form below for immediate assistance.






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Jenkins Restorations – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“I was really impressed with Quinton’s professionalism. He explained the process thoroughly and followed through with every appointment time we made. I would use this crew again in the future. He was very respectful of my house and kept the mess at a minimum. I also appreciate that whatever mess was made…”

Jessica S.
Oklahoma City, OK

“Very good company and responsive to needs. Glad USAA uses the company. They followed up to check on status of dry out and came out to the property, not just by calling me. Quinton has a servants heart!”

Spc H.
El Reno, OK

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