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A house fire is devastating and puts an immediate halt on all your day-to-day activities. After a fire, you may begin wondering how you can get your life back to normal. Homes located near Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs could also put your home at risk from potential wildfires.  Our team of fire damage restoration experts here at Jenkins Restorations are ready to help you do just that and more! We not only help you fix up your house after a fire, but we also use state-of-the art technology to recover many items from your past that were once considered irreplaceable.

In house fire situations, there’s never just one way to handle them. Your dedicated project manager will work with you to assess all aspects of your fire damage, including the cause, composition, size, and waste. We will then walk through every step of the process with you and help you handle the claim with your insurance carrier. Our priority is to restore your property and life as quickly as possible after a house fire!

Fire Damage Repair

Here is what to expect with Jenkins fire restoration services. First, our caring staff will secure the building.  We will board-up the walls and seal the roof if needed.  Our top priority is to secure your belongings.  We work with teams of professionals who will clean your clothes, carpets, and furniture as well as dry your documents, restore photos, and even clean your electronics.  After that we will remove the mess which entails the complete removal of the debris.  We then use tried and true processes to ensure that we take every step necessary to remove any smell of smoke from your home.  We work closely with your insurance carrier to help coordinate your claim and help you get your property and life back together.  With decades of experience in fire & smoke restoration, the team at Jenkins Restorations will quickly restore your property to its’ original condition…or better!

Smoke Damage Restoration

When it comes to smoke damage, there’s no time to waste. Smoke can be a silent killer that lingers in your furniture, flooring, and walls and leaves long-term effects. If you have smoke damage in Colorado Springs after a fire or suspect you have smoke damage in your home from any other source, call Jenkins Restorations to keep your family safe and get back your peace of mind.

Cleaning Smoke Damage in Colorado Springs

It’s not just the fire itself that can cause damage to your home. Smoke and soot can seep through cracks in the wall, ceiling, and other hidden places inside your house after a fire.

While smoke damage primarily occurs during a fire, that is not the only reason you may find evidence of smoke damage in your house. Something like a home furnace that has not been properly calibrated or is malfunctioning may be causing smoke damage that can go unnoticed. With that, soot, the byproduct of combustion, is carried through the home by smoke. This allows it to seep behind walls, ceilings, attics, or into other areas that may not be obviously affected by a fire.

If proper smoke remediation is not performed, damage from a fire, a faulty furnace, or any other cause of smoke and soot in the home can lead to health and safety risks. Leaving smoke damage untreated can cause:

  • Health issues, including asthma and other similar conditions.
  • Etching, caused by low PH in soot, can be found in metal and/or furniture pieces in your home.
  • Staining, especially on porous or lighter colored materials throughout your home, can permanently change the pigmentation the longer it sits untreated.

If you have smoke damage after a fire or suspect you have smoke damage in your home from any other source, call Jenkins Restorations to keep your family safe and get back your peace of mind.

Smoke Odor & Soot Removal
We outperform our competition by our diligence and by the modern technical procedures we employ to remove the chemicals that cause odor. The pollutants might still be hidden in the crevices of walls and other surfaces, making specialized removal necessary. We always follow protocols when handling emergencies. Smoke odor removal is a very important part of our restoration services. Once the fire is extinguished, your home might smell like ashes for days or even weeks. We will find the source of the odor and then completely remove it. Often, buildings that have soot odor still have the contaminants from the fire damage present inside them. We will make the building safe again by properly eliminating all odors

How To Contact Us

Three Steps To Restoration

We provide a customized estimate and schedule.

An experienced estimator will come to your home or business, review the damage, and provide a timely estimate for restoration. As experts in the restoration industry, we even work with your insurance to get your project moving quickly so you can get your life back to normal.

Your damage is repaired with quality and care.

A dedicated project manager will oversee every aspect of your home or business restoration from start to finish. We will communicate with you every step of the way and give you the same care and attention to detail we would our own homes and businesses.

How Jenkins Can Help Get Your Life Back To Normal After A Fire

When it comes to fire damage in Colorado Springs there is one absolute certainty: no two scenarios are alike.

Every fire is unique in its cause, composition, size, and waste; some fires can involve more than 100 complex chemical reactions! How these factors combine together will affect how the fire damage restoration is conducted.

We start the process of getting you back to normal by giving you a free, no obligation quote on the fire damage repair as well as a time estimate. That way, you can start the process of planning to get back to normal.

If you do decide to hire us to repair the fire damage, we will do everything in our power to get you back to your normal life as quickly as possible by repairing the damage to your home as if it was our own home and our own family displaced.

We’ve been restoring fire damaged homes for over 20 years now and it would give us great pleasure to earn the opportunity to do the same for you.

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