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Fire Damage Restoration – San Antonio, Texas

Fire Damage Restoration is one of our specialties here at Jenkins Restorations San Antonio. Fire damage to your San Antonio home or business can be devastating. You just want your normal life back.

Our fire damage restoration team here in San Antonio will repair your home or business to as good as, and most of the time, better than it was before. We can handle anything from just some light smoke damage to total devastation.

And we have something that other fire restoration companies don’t have- contents and structural cleaning! Not only do we go through and help you rebuild your home from the ground up, we help clean and restore any possessions found.

Post fire clean up can be a daunting prospect. Let us take the stress off your hands!

After Fire Damage Repair

How To Contact Us

Three Steps To Restoration

We Give You A No Obligation Quote

One of our compassionate staff members will come to where the damage is and give you a quote and time estimate to getting your damaged restored without any obligation whatsoever.

We Repair The Damage To Better Than New

If you’re gracious enough to allow use the opportunity to help get your home or business back on track, we’ll make sure we do it quickly, efficiently and with the same care and attention to detail we would with our own homes and businesses.

Jenkins Can Help Get Your Life Back To Normal After A Fire

When it comes to fire damage in San Antonio there is one absolute certainty: no two scenarios are alike.

Every fire is unique in its cause, composition, size, and waste. Some fires can involve more than 100 complex chemical reactions! How these factors combine together will affect how the fire damage restoration is conducted.

We start the process of getting you back to normal by giving you a free, no obligation quote and time estimate on the fire damage repairs. This can help you start the process of planning to get back to normal.

If you do decide to hire us to repair the fire damage, we will do everything in our power get you back to your normal life as quickly as possible by repairing the damage to your home as if it was our own home and our own family that was displaced.

We’ve been restoring fire damaged homes for over 20 years now and we would love to be able to help you on your return to normalcy after a fire!

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