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Water Damage Restoration Newport News

Since 1975, Jenkins Restorations has been the team to call for emergency restoration services and disaster recovery. Whether it be water restoration following a small water leak in your home, fire damage repair after a large house fire, or storm damage repair after some strong winds and property damage; we’ll make sure that you’re fully taken care of by rebuilding your property, and restoring your home and life to pre-loss condition.

Flood Damage Restoration Newport News, VA

Storms can cause unexpected water damage to homes or business when you least expect it. Living in areas close to large bodies of water, like our area here in Newport News, can increase the likelihood of heavy rains and lead to an increased risk of water exposure in your home. To minimize the risk of water leaks and damage to your home, it’s important to create a plan for regular checks and routine maintenance. Establishing a plan for your home or business ensures you are prepared before a storm or other disaster strikes.

Routine checks and maintenance plans should include:

  • Checking your gutters for any debris that could be blocking proper water flow and drainage. Clogged gutters can cause overflow and damage foundations as well as flooded basements.
  • Look for water leaks around your house. Small drips can add up to big problems if left unnoticed. Water not only damages floors, cabinets and other materials, but ongoing moisture also creates a breeding ground for mold growth and other bacteria.
  • When fixing clogged sinks, bathtubs, and toilets, use a drainage snake instead of unclogging chemicals. Chemicals can erode and eat away at your pipes from the inside out, causing damage over time. Using a drainage snake is a safe and cost effective alternative.
  • Know where your water lines run before planting around your home. Invasive roots can damage foundations and underground water lines if you’re not careful.
  • Let water drip from your faucet during cold months. Water expands when frozen, causing pipes to burst and water to flood your home or property. Letting your faucet drip keeps the water flow moving and prevents standing water from becoming frozen.

Water Mitigation

If you experience any type of water damage, it’s essential to take action right away so that you don’t face additional expenses later on. We can mitigate water damage by implementing various mitigation strategies such as installing a sump pump. Water mitigation is a common action after floods or when water rushes into homes after storms.

Water Removal Newport News


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Fire Restoration Newport News

A house fire could leave you feeling helpless and overwhelmed. After the fire has been put out, there may be some additional stress involved in sorting through debris to determine which items need repair. It is important to create a safety plan that all household members or business employees are familiar with. When it comes time for disaster, we want our family, employees, and friends safe in any way they can be without unnecessary risk-taking! It’s possible to limit the likelihood of a fire by using fire safety tips such as:

  • Cleaning and dusting regularly
  • Properly storing flammable products
  • Routine smoke alarm tests

Knowing the potential causes of a fire can be your best bet. Among some of the most common causes of fires are electrical malfunctions, candles, overheating appliances, and kitchen mishaps.

In the unfortunate event that your home or commercial property undergoes fire damage, Jenkins Restorations has a professional team in Newport News, VA that has decades of experience in restoring fire damaged property. We’ve done plenty of jobs for homeowners and business owners alike, so we know that no two situations are exactly the same. Our fire remediation experts conduct smoke damage removal, soot removal, along with emergency board & wrap up services. Our goal is to get your property back to normal and in the process, get your life back to normal.

We can help all of Hampton Roads with their restoration needs!

Storm Damage Repair

As a home owner, you know the damages that high winds from storms can cause. As a facility manager or business owner, you know of just how disruptive storms can be to business operations and how they can result in lost revenue! Other major storms may bring in the need for wind damage repair or hail damage restoration services, especially after the seasonal hurricane here in Newport News. After your home or commercial business has experienced storm damage in Newport News, take action immediately and contact our storm damage restoration services.

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