Thank you to San Antonio, TX office

To: Jenkins Restoration

From: Carl Dickerson

Date: Feb.05,2018

Subject: Restoration performance

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate your San Antonio, Texas office for their outstanding performance on my homes restoration project. I have never met a better Christian family like your San Antonio office. Everyone from your general manager Kevin, Jeremy, Daniel, John, Joe and each and everyone who treated my family and I like family. They all have represented Jenkins Restorations in a professional and Christian way. I was so thankful for our treatment that we presented three employees with plaques. I wish I had the funds and would present each and every employee with a plaque. I truly believe you have an excellent team due to Kevin your general manager. I have attended many devotionals at your office. I was a Missionary in Central America for 14 years and continue my work there. I would like for you to commend your San Antonio staff for there outstanding work. I have included 3 Pictures of your staff that received plaques.

May God Bless Jenkins Restorations

Carl, Mery, Sherry Dickerson

Your family in Christ

John George & Customer Carl Dickerson
Jeremy Holst & Customer Carl Dickerson
Daniel Mariscal & Customer Carl Dickerson