Be Prepared for Damaging Winds

power lines down from storm damage

There are different types of winds, and the damaging winds are commonly referred to as straight-line winds. This is aimed at differentiating the type of damages that they cause, from that caused by tornadoes. Jenkins Restorations offers exceptional services to the people who have been affected by damaging winds. There are several processes that cause the strong winds that cause damage to property. Any wind that is blowing at a speed that exceeds 50-60mph is classified as damaging wind. The main objective of Jenkins Restorations is to rebuild any property that has been damaged by the winds and restore the clients’ lives to normalcy.

How Bad are Damaging Winds?

In the lower 48 states in the US, damaging winds account for 50% of the extreme damage reports. Damaging winds tend to be more common than tornadoes, and this causes more damage in most regions. Winds can blow at speeds that even exceed 100mps and this would cause damage that stretch for so many miles. With the services offered by Jenkins Restorations, it becomes easier to recollect your life and bounce back to the usual life that you are used to. Damaging winds cause a state of emergency, and you would need professional assistance immediately.

Who Can Be Affected by Damaging Winds?

The straight-line winds are commonly produced by the overflow caused by thunderstorm downdraft. As such anyone who lives in any area that is prone to thunderstorms is highly likely to suffer from damaging winds. People who live in mobile homes are more vulnerable to risks, injuries and even possible deaths due to damaging winds. When the winds blow at a speed of 80mph or more, it becomes almost impossible for the mobile homes to withstand the risky hazard.

Preparedness for Damaging Winds

In order to be well prepared for these natural damages caused by straight-line winds, Jenkins Restorations recommends that the buildings should be assessed in advanced and gauge their stability. If your shelter is not stable, it would be imperative to have the experts reinforce the building so that it can withstand damaging winds. Having accurate information about the wind speeds in your area is critical since you can be able to monitor the pattern created by such the winds.

In as much as it might a demanding process, capturing a daily record of the wind speeds will go a long way in ensuring that you are well prepared for the damaging winds. If the speeds seem to be gaining momentum, it might be advisable to vacate the area so as to avert any possible risks and injuries.

Jenkins Restorations has a team of experts that have great experience in different types of damages. When you have suffered damages from these winds, the primary goal of Jenkins Restorations is to alleviate your stress levels and work hard to restore your life in a speedy manner. You can get emergency assistance any time of the day or night, and this will go a long way in helping you deal with your property damage, attributed to damaging winds.

Let Jenkins Restorations help you get your property…and life, back to normal after wind damage.