chris rhoads

Fire damage restoration – Do’s and Don’ts

House fires are both devastating and frightening. They bring with them severe trauma and destruction that can cause you to take the wrong steps, which in turn might cost you a considerable amount of money in the long run. While getting anxious and being clueless about what to do following a fire outbreak in your home is only natural, acting diligently can actually help you avoid your losses, or at least minimize them.

What to do

  • First and foremost, instead of getting apprehensive or calculating what you might have lost in the fire, ensure the health and safety of all occupants. If anyone has gotten injured in the fire, seek medical help right away.
  • Ventilation is a key component. Open all windows and doors to allow the fumes to exit the living spaces.
  • Remove all necessary items from your home. This will avoid further smoke damage to your belongings.
  • Contact your insurance agent to put a value on the loss and get it reimbursed. Most insurance agents offer a 24-hour helpline number. Just call them, and let them assess the loss you might have incurred due to the fire outbreak. This will help you in receiving a fair compensation for the amount of loss incurred.
  • As soon as the fire damage has been calculated, call a fire damage restoration company. A reputable company will restore all damages and save other articles from getting damaged. On top of that, professional fire damage restoration allows you to bring your home back to normalcy faster.

What not to do

  • It’s actually possible that your electronics or appliances can be salvaged after the disaster; however, trying to turn them on without having them inspected first could result in their circuit malfunction.
  • Food items or canned goods that were exposed to heat can harbor harmful bacteria. Not to mention the huge risk of food contamination from toxic fire smoke. For that reason, try not to consume anything that was exposed to the intense heat.
  • Don’t wipe fire residues from walls or ceilings or attempt to clean carpets, furniture or other items, as further damage can be caused by inappropriate cleaning techniques.

Although it’s unfortunate, try to get your head around the adversity; it’s of the utmost importance that you remain calm and composed to make sure that you don’t lose more than what you already have. If you control your emotions during a fire outbreak in your house and take the necessary steps, you’ll be able to avert major losses following the fire. In addition, you’ll be able to bring your home back in order within a lesser time period.