Flood Safety Tips

June brings with it hurricane season, and even if you don’t get hit directly, the heavy rain – and flooding – can still have a major impact on your home or business. Flooding can be extremely dangerous if you’re not prepared. Here are some safety tips to help you prepare for some of Earth’s most common natural hazards.

Wear Protective Gear

If you’re in a flooded area, make sure you’re wearing waterproof protective gear. Floodwaters can contain harmful bacteria and other organisms that your body is unable to fight off. If you have any sort of injury that floodwaters get into, you could get an infection that can quickly claim your life.

Don’t Drive or Walk Through Flood Waters

If you can avoid going anywhere during severe weather, you should. If you see water across the road, you should NOT drive through it. You have no idea how deep it is! If you try to take your car through it, you could end up with water in your engine – which will ruin the automobile. There’s also a serious danger of being swept away in swiftly moving water.

Walking carries similar dangers. The bacteria mentioned previously are a danger, as are invisible objects hitting you underwater. They can cause serious injuries and even cause you to lose your footing and potentially drown in deep enough water.

Keep An Eye Out For Falling Objects

Soft, wet ground mixed with wind is a recipe for falling objects. Keep an eye on any trees or light poles in your yard, they can blow over and potentially into your home. If you notice that an object is about to fall into your home, get out. If there’s somewhere you can go that’s less dangerous, do so. If nothing else, try to get into a room that won’t get hit.

Don’t Touch Downed Power Cables

Downed power cables are still potentially live. Do not touch any that are within reach, and report all outages and fallen lines to your local power company. These can cause nasty electric shocks and potentially burns. Water is also a conductor for electricity. If you see a power line in water, avoid that water at all costs.

Always Call Professionals

After the storm is over, make sure you call professionals to help you clean up after a flood. Here at Jenkins, our goal is to restore your home or business to its original state as quickly as possible. Above all, stay safe!

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