Jenkins partners with Servants with a Heart

Jenkins Restorations Partners with Servants with a Heart

Volunteering and Team Building

Our mission statement at Jenkins Restorations is simply stated, “Restoring property and lives with a servant’s heart”. It’s something we hold near and dear to our hearts as we continue to strive to build a company around our core values of

  • Honesty
  • Trustworthiness
  • Servant Attitude
  • Teamwork
  • Excellence
  • Expertise
  • Genuine Care for Others
  • Commitment to Family

Demonstrating these values through our work requires commitment by our entire team, and partnering with Servants with a Heart, is exactly the kind of thing we hope will foster this culture of excellence and integrity at Jenkins Restorations and Jenkins Environmental Services.

How to build a stronger team: Jenkins Restorations partners with Servants with a Heart

Have you ever wanted to build a stronger team? Have you ever wondered how you can do that? A Huffington Post article titled “Why Volunteering is good for your Business” states that employees are twice as likely to rate the company culture as “very positive” at companies with volunteer programs, and a volunteer-oriented environment is better for the overall health of the company. By choosing to volunteer together, the overall atmosphere of the company becomes more positive while giving back to their community and other parts of the world.

Servants with a Heart 2One way to build teamwork and a positive, strong culture at your company is by hosting a food-packing event with Servants with a Heart.  A Servants with a Heart packing event provides a chance for your company to get involved and give back to the community.

Jenkins Restorations is creating this team building culture by partnering with Servants with a Heart, and its employees look forward to the event as part of the annual Christmas party.

It is a way to bond and strengthen relationships within your company while looking outward and helping others. A packing event has a long-lasting impact because each bag of food packed provides six meals. The bags are full of all the nutrients that give children what their bodies need to grow, develop, and fight diseases when receiving one meal each day.

George Scott, a Jenkins employee, when asked about how the company benefits from the experience, said, “The impact that this event has on our employees, especially the new employee that experiences this event for the first time, has been awesome. It helps me tell the story of how we desire to serve.”  The event is for the whole family, and the kids get involved and learn from an early age the importance of giving, which is especially important around Christmas time.  Scott said that his kids ask about the packing event all year long. “They are simply fun and it’s a great experience for my entire family,” Scott said.

Servants with a Heart 1Overall, the benefits for both Jenkins and Servants with a Heart are clear. Help is provided to children around the world, and a company comes together to give back and work together.  Chairman and CEO of Jenkins Restorations Jeff Yoh says, “I am always thrilled to pack food at Jenkins Restorations as it combines two of my biggest passions. Not only are these events providing help for those less fortunate, it is a great team building event for our employees to serve with each other and their families. We have now packed nearly 400 thousand meals with our team at Jenkins Restoration in almost five years.”

If you would like to build team culture and promote giving back, we encourage you to consider hosting a packing event.  Please contact Suzanne Yoh at Servants with a Heart provides the training, logistics, and brings the food and supplies for packing. Your organization provides the space, volunteers, and covers the cost of the food at 15 cents a meal.