Major Property Damage Restoration in Sterling, Virginia

What can happen after storm and wind damage to the roof and property

Wind storms, snow storms, tornadoes, hurricanes… natural disasters can strike unexpectedly, and they destroy just about everything in their path. Jenkins Restorations is always ready to help you when natural disasters occur. Our commercial and residential restoration teams in Sterling, Virginia can handle roof repair & replacement, siding damage, window board-up & replacement, interior cleanup & restoration, tree removal and more after wind and storm damage to the roof and property.

How We Help You Get Your Life Back To Normal after the Storm
When it comes to Storm Damage in and around Sterling, Virginia, we’ve seen it all. Is there a tree in the living room? We can fix it. Did your back porch get blown off due to heavy wind? We will have you sitting on that porch in no time. Storm damage ranges from light damage to complete destruction, no matter the area you live in.

Whatever your situation is, we will start the process of restoring your home by giving you a free quote and time estimate on the storm damage repairs required.

Take It From the Bustard Family…

Bruce and Tory Bustard from Annandale, Virginia (Sterling, Virginia area) had their lives dramatically changed when, during a powerful windstorm, a large oak tree fell on their home of twenty years. It was destroyed and needed to be rebuilt from the foundation up.

Bruce and Tory worked with insurance adjuster and interviewed different contractors, reviewed various testimonials and chose Jenkins Restorations company located in Sterling, Virginia.

“We went with Jenkins after speaking with several past customers who had suffered a major property loss.”

This decision proved to be the right one, since during the rebuild a second tree fell on what was left of their house, necessitating additional changes and costs.

“Brian walked us through the process of design, permitting, and construction planning at a very stressful time in our lives when we were easily overwhelmed.”

Jenkins Restorations is a national company that has a strong local base in your community and is highly qualified. We are your neighbors who are dedicated to doing what is right for you and your family. Due to that we employ only the best personnel and contractors.

“We were also very impressed by the Jenkins construction crew and sub-contractors.”

Read the full recommendation letter. To view additional customer testimonials, find your local Jenkins office and check out their page for more!”

“Should you find yourself in a difficult situation like we did and need the services of restoration specialists, we would unreservedly recommend Brian Catts and Jenkins Restorations.”

Read the full recommendation letter below.

To view additional customer testimonials, find your local Jenkins office and check out their page for more!

Bustard letter of recommendation

Bustard Damage Restoration Project Photos

Bustard storm damage
Bustard storm damage

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