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Jenkins Restorations: Pandemic Impact & Response

In this time of crisis, it’s hard to know what we can do. An invisible virus has invaded our communities, our normal routines have been overthrown, and we have been left unsettled, wondering what the future will look like.

When the pandemic moved to the United States, we watched the impact with heavy hearts as COVID-19 began to spread throughout our nation. Precautionary measures were established throughout homes and businesses alike to do whatever possible to stop the spread. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, restaurants, schools, malls, and parks were all shutting down. Our normal activities were put on pause so we could protect ourselves and our neighbors.

However, through it all, Jenkins Restorations did not slow down, and we remain open in order to provide our essential services. While COVID-19 has handed everyone a devastating blow, we are still here for our clients and employees stronger than ever. Though precautionary measures introduce new challenges, our response is simple: we continue to get the job done.

Continuing to Function as an Essential Business

When the pandemic first became prevalent in our news and media, we realized our expertise uniquely positioned us to help protect those in our community. We didn’t wonder what we could do, we knew what we could do to help. As the needs arose around us, we began reaching out to help where we could, including, sending PPE to our partners so they could continue to serve their customers safely, implementing additional protocols to protect our employees and our clients when we enter their homes, and offering decontamination services to our local businesses to keep them operating.

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Our Responsibility

We didn’t acquire our years of experience in biohazard decontamination, remediation, and mitigation services expecting them to help us address the needs that are now facing our nation. However, we saw the importance of applying our expertise in building a decontamination process to stop the spread. With the training we have, it is an honor and a privilege to step in to help. Whether it’s decontaminating grocery stores, schools, churches, warehouses, or everything in between, we’re here and we’re ready to do our part. As we enter businesses, our mission is to serve by offering a safe space for people to return to when the time comes. It’s a mission we do not take lightly, and we rely on everyone on our team to carry it through.

Our operations, like others, has faced many challenges as we continue to offer essential services while doing all we can to limit the risk. In addition, we understand adding the need to repair unexpected damage to your home or business while managing exposure to COVID-19 can be overwhelming. Taking the extra precautions protects everyone involved and we will never cut corners when it comes to our work. Everyone on our team is there to support each other and in turn, support the people we service. We will come out of this pandemic with a greater sense of camaraderie, and pride for what we do.

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