Storm Damage: Severe Weather Tips

Storms can produce torrents of heavy rain or hail, and wind alone can cause serious damage to your home or business.  There are also personal risks when being caught in such weather.  Here are some quick tips in case you experience severe weather:

A Electric and telephone pole leans after damage from a storm.

A Electric and telephone pole leans after damage from a storm.

Tornado Warning

  • Move to an interior hallway on a lower level in the middle of the building you are in
  • Stay away from all windows and glass doors
  • DO NOT use the elevators
  • Close and/or lock all windows and exterior doors
  • Call USC Police at 911 to report any injuries and tell the dispatcher:
      • Your location
      • Type of injury or illness of victim
      • Victim’s status (conscious, breathing, or bleeding)
      • Age of victim
      • Stay on the line until released by the dispatcher
      • DON’T leave until advised or warning ends

Flash Flood

  • Don’t walk or drive through flooded areas
  • Flood-prone areas of campus include:
      • Intersection of Main and Whaley streets
      • Parking lots behind 300 Main St.
      • Parking lots behind Blatt P.E. Center
      • Sumter St. under the railroad bridge
      • Pickens St. under the pedestrian crossing

Severe Thunderstorms

    • Find a safe shelter
    • Close all exterior doors, windows, and blinds
  • Stay away from the windows
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