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Water Damage Restoration Franklin TN

Jenkins Restorations, proudly serving Franklin, TN, features a dedicated team ready to assist you around the clock. Have you ever dealt with a severe water leak or flood damage in Franklin? If so, our professional cleaning and water restoration services are here to help. Certified by the IICRC, our team has extensive experience in water removal, cleanup, fire damage repair, and fixing storm-related issues. From sewage cleanups to repairs from wind damage, our professionals are equipped to handle your situation with care and expertise.

Water Damage in Franklin, TN

Your home can suffer water damage from various sources, such as leaking roofs, exploded pipes, overflowing toilets, or continuous heavy rain. Often, repairing the leak and drying the area professionally is enough. But, for homes with serious water damage or those wet for too long, a thorough water damage restoration process is vital to prevent structural damage and mold growth.

Taking quick action is critical upon noticing water damage to avoid expensive repairs later. Water mitigation, involving swift and accurate actions like employing sump pumps, is essential to stop further damage. This is particularly important after floods or when homes are swamped with stormwater. If you’re in Franklin and need water mitigation, our committed crew will take specific steps to minimize damage to your property and prevent mold from taking hold.

Tips for Water Damage Prevention

  • Keep your roof gutters clean – Blocked gutters can lead to water spilling over and damaging your foundation, which might cause basement floods.
  • Ensure proper drainage around your home – If water flows towards your house, it can damage the foundation, leading to costly repairs. It’s important to have an effective drainage system to steer water away from your home.
  • Regularly check for water leaks – Small leaks can turn into big problems if not caught early. Make checking your pipes for leaks a regular part of your home care routine.
  • Use a drain snake instead of chemical cleaners – Chemicals can eat away at your pipes over time. A drain snake is a safer, more effective way to clear clogs without damaging your plumbing.
  • Plant with care – Some plants have invasive roots that could threaten your underground water lines. Make sure to plant away from any pipes or water lines.
  • Let faucets drip in cold weather – A slight drip from faucets during the freeze can prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting.

Flood Damage Cleanup

In the Franklin region, experiencing floods is a relatively common ordeal. If your home or property falls victim to flooding, it’s critical to act swiftly to mitigate long-term damages. The process for flood damage restoration involves extracting water from the impacted zones, sterilizing the area, and executing necessary repairs to restore the structure’s usability. Promptly seeking expert assistance in the aftermath of a flood is vital. Untreated floodwaters pose a significant health risk, as they may carry dangerous pollutants including sewage, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and potentially radioactive materials. To prevent further damage, ensuring a thorough dry-out, cleanup, and humidity control of the affected premises is important.

Fire Restoration Franklin

Dealing with the aftermath of a house fire can leave you in a state of shock, surrounded by the ruins of what used to be your safe haven. It’s a daunting task to sift through your possessions, figuring out what can be saved and what’s irreparably damaged, all while grappling with the emotional toll of a house fire. It’s essential to prioritize safety and establish a secure environment for yourself and others. Fire prevention plays a key role in safeguarding your home, with simple measures like regular cleaning, safe storage of flammable items, and frequent checks of smoke detectors making a significant difference in reducing the risk of fire.

Understanding the potential causes of house fires can prepare you to prevent them. Common causes include electric malfunction, candle accidents, appliance failures, and cooking mistakes.

In the unfortunate event that fire affects your home, Jenkins Restorations in Franklin, TN, stands ready to support you. Our experienced team specializes in bringing fire-damaged properties back to life. We offer comprehensive services to both residential and commercial clients, tailoring our approach to fit the unique challenges of each case. Our fire restoration services include repairing smoke damage, removing soot, and securing your property immediately after the fire. Our primary goal is to restore your property and bring back a sense of normalcy and tranquility to your life.

Storm Damage Repair

Living in the Nashville area means understanding the havoc that severe weather, especially strong winds, can wreak on homes and businesses alike. Jenkins Restorations is well-prepared to respond to such challenges with a team of skilled professionals available around the clock. We’re quick to respond, ready to protect your property by installing tarps on damaged roofs and beginning the process of structural drying without delay. Regardless of the extent of the storm damage, our team is committed to starting the recovery process, offering a complimentary estimate and a projected timeline for the repairs needed to restore your property.

Water Damage Restoration


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